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11th September 2010

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Morning from FCO                                         

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. That is our first month open and it’s been busy. Thank you all for your patience and cooperation in giving us time to iron out small problems along the way. Any remaining orders will be sent out Monday

You may have noticed the odd stock rotation on our site, unfortunately this couldn’t be helped and everything will be back to normal very soon.

Sadly there have been some production issues with one of our products and the synthesis is not yet completed for our Ethylphenidate [CAS#:57413-43-1]. We expect it to be in stock by the end of the month though.

On a brighter note we now have limited quantities of MDPV (freebase) [CAS#:687603-66-3] in.

By this time next month we expect to have another product in, we shall reveal what closer to the time.

We can offer larger custom orders to those listed in the shop. If you wish to make a custom request for a specific compound don’t hesitate to ask us for our best quote. Synthesis can be as low as 50g (some compounds) anywhere up to multi kg amounts.

Hope to hear from you all soon.

Kindest Regards-


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30th August 2010


Anonymous asked: Hey. Do you offer Paypal as a payment option?

We dont accept paypal as an option at this time. In the future we do intend to integrate more payment options. Alertpay & Moneybookers are very easy registration (much more simple process than paypal).

24th August 2010

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(via dryeffects)

24th August 2010


Anonymous asked: i don't understand the paying servise of your site. it's tricky

Sign up for a free account at .

Send a payment to the email address given at the end of the checkout process.

Using the bank transfer simply write down the details and go into your own local bank and ask to make a transfer to that account.

Notify us when a transaction is made to have your order shipped even more promptly.

Over the next few months we intend to integrate more payment methods to our site. If there is any you prefer recommend and we can consider integration.


23rd August 2010



Within the next two weeks we will be stocking this product. We are one of the only suppliers worldwide to have this in quantitys suitable for research purposes.

IUPAC: ethyl 2-phenyl-2-piperidin-2-ylacetate

CAS: 57413-43-1

Related research journals;

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23rd August 2010


Anonymous asked: hello! So does this blog post things, or is it just info on this company?

Yes we post things :)

22nd August 2010


Confusion in nomenclature

We ship only the highest quality 4-MMC (4-methylmethcathinone) worldwide. 

There is ambiguity with this compound.  Many use phrases such as MCAT, MKAT, to describe the above compound. Both these are incorrect.

This refers to the compound Ephedrone or Methcathinone. We do not stock this at present.

Other terms such as Methedrone or Methadrone refers to the compound PMMA ( 4-methoxymethcathinone). This product is not stocked at this time and likely never will.

When browsing our site any comment about these alternate substances refers to what people are calling Mephedrone not what we currently have stocked.

Mephedrone – CAS:  1189805-46-6
Ephedrone- CAS:  5650-44-2 (R) ,  112117-24-5 (S)
Methedrone – CAS: 530-54-1

We hope this clears up any confusion.

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